Malaysian Cuisine: Diverse and Multi-ethnic Food

Malaysia is a diverse country with multi-ethnic population, which is also showed in its food culture. This country has developed its unique, rich, and colourful food culture by bringing together a variety of dishes from Chinese, Indian and Western cuisine and combining them with Malaysian ethnic food. At Happy Lok Diner, an authentic Malaysian restaurant located in Cardiff, you can also find that its menu has varied dishes from different countries.

Malaysian Chinese Food

Malaysian Chinese cuisines developed based on ancient Chinese immigrants’ recipes. Because most of them were from southern China, Malaysian Chinese food is more likely to have characteristics of Cantonese cuisine, Haka cuisine, Fujian cuisine and Teochew cuisine.

Chinese food can especially be found in areas of Chinese communities, from roadside stalls to fancy restaurants, from snacks to expensive banquet throughout this country. You can always find new experience about Chinese food in Malaysia.

Clay Pot Bak Kut Teh
Clay Pot Bak Kut Teh

Malaysian Chinese like cook brown rice or rice with chicken oil for staple (usually called chicken rice). And for main courses, representative dishes include Bak Kut Teh, Bakkwa, Cantonese fried noodles, Chai tow kway, Char kway teow, Hainanese chiken rice and Curry Mee.

Malaysian Indian Food

Tamils, descendants of immigrants from modern Indian state of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka’s Northern Province, brought the Indian food into Malaysia. Malaysian Indian cuisine is more similar to the South Indian cuisine, which is also spicy. The famous Malaysian Indian dishes include Chapati, Tapai, Tosel and Banana leaf rice.

Malay Food                                                                                        

Malay cuisine has been influenced by many different cuisines for many years. Overall, Malaysian food is generally spicy, even more spicy than Thai Food, chilli peppers (fresh and dried) seem to be indispensable to Malay food. Malaysian always cook meat, fish and

Kangkung belacan
Kangkung belacan

vegetables with different spices (Asam and dried chilli), herbs (lemongrass) sauce (Sambal, Soy sauce and Nyonya sauce), and eat with staple food like rice (always cooked with coconut milk) or noodles. Moreover, Malaysian would also dip their main courses into the sauce. Some popular Malay dishes are Asam pedas, Ayam goreng, Ketupat, Laksang, Rendang, SatayTempoyak and Kangkung belacan.

(All pictures of this blog are taken at Happy Lok Diner Cardiff)


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