Malaysian Cuisine Blog Posting Strategy

This blog is running by a postgraduate student studying in MA International Public Relations and Global Communication Management of Cardiff University. In Digital Communication Management course, our team will run a 4-week digital campaign for promoting a restaurant in Cardiff named Happy Lok Diner. Happy Lok Diner is an authentic Malaysian restaurant that offers cheap and homemade Chinese food with Malaysian specials, Japanese and Thai cuisine.


Happy Lok Diner
Happy Lok Diner


Target Audience

Happy Lok Diner already has many Asian customers because of its authentic food, however, few local people know about this restaurant. Therefore, this campaign aims to expand local market. The target audiences of this blog are the same with the campaign, which would be local students. The reason of choosing students is because one of the biggest strength of Happy Lok Diner is the cheap price of the food, which could attract a number of students.

Key Blogger Influencers

For better developing this blog, I have look at the following bloggers to study their blog content and blog design: Gourmet Gorro, Latitudes and KYspeaks.

Gourmet Gorro is running by a famous food blogger in Cardiff, who also wrote review of our client, Happy Lok Diner. The design of this blog is very simple and the content is all about restaurant in Cardiff, South Wales. The blogger also use a lot of pictures of food in posts. These characters might be helpful to approach local audience in Cardiff.

Latitudes is a blog about the lifestyle of southeast Asia. There are many posts about Malaysian food in this blog. KYspeaks is a popular Malaysian food blog running by an international traveller. These two blogs could bring different perspectives from Malaysian locals and foreigners of Malaysian cuisine.

How to Approach Target Audience

In order to understand the needs of target audiences, I used Answer the Public to get following figures:Questions about Malaysian food


preposition about Malaysian foodAccording to the figures, it can be found out that many people are interested in the famous Malaysian food, Malaysian Chinese food, Malaysian food vs Thai and Malaysian food recipes. Therefore, I will focus on these points in my posts and mention Happy Lok Diner at the same time.

In conclude, this blog will focus on sharing  Malaysian food culture and authentic Malaysian food recipies to local people in Cardiff.


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